Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Try-it-out Tuesday: Dynastic

silk top, thrifted
skirt, Forever 21
 Volcom "Day Dreamers" linen-cotton shirt jacket, Macy's
bracelet as necklace, GroopDealz

     I have come to the conclusion that while I will never be "cool," I can at least dress like I am. ;)
     While I love this shirt jacket, the Mr. doesn't agree. He complains that it's too big for me. But a lot of times I like that it's lightweight and kind of slouchy. To me, the jacket is essential to this look. Without the jacket, the outfit feels a little "Dynasty" (purple silk! leopard print! blingy gold necklace!) to me. I'm not sure what exactly they wore on "Dynasty" - we were "Dallas" watchers in my family - but this seems like their brand of over-the-top.

     Groopdealz was offering this bracelet for free (if you paid a few bucks for shipping), and of course I didn't think about how huge the bracelet was going to be. I wore it once and it kept sliding off my wrist. So I linked it up with another bracelet and repurposed it as a necklace. That refashioning and my wearing this underused skirt qualify this outfit for Try-it-out Tuesday.

    I've realized that all the leopard prints I own are in nontraditional leopard-print colorways: a yellow and gray short-sleeved sweater and this skirt, which has hints of purple and green. Thus, I'm adding a conventional leopard-print top to my thrift wish list.
    Random news #1: My two-month shopping ban starts on Feb. 1, and the weird thing is, I've been having a lot of dreams about clothes-shopping ... obviously, my dream wallet is fatter than my real-life wallet.
    Random news #2: I'm chaperoning a field trip today! It's a walking field trip, and the weather has been rainy and wet for the past few days, so fingers crossed that it's sunny and dry today ... 


  1. Carrie, I think you're cool! Not in the jock/cheerleader high-schooler way, but in an adult way, where you actually get things done and look awesome while doing them.

  2. I love the skirt :) I was wearing one similar to that today :)


  3. The purple silk top with the leopard skirt and gold necklace is not 1980s looking at all. I think you should try it, ditch the glasses, put on sunnies, and take a top handles handbag. Very 2013 looking.

  4. I personally love none traditional leopard prints, it's always a little exciting and fun. This skirt is so pretty, I love the beige, yellow and purple tones together in it, it seems like it would pair well with any color on top. I totally get you with the Dynasty feeling, leopard feels tricky that way but I don't get an 80s vibe off of this outfit at all!

  5. Kat - great minds think alike. :)

  6. Thanks, Erin! That's the best kind of cool. :)

  7. Thanks, Katie! I haven't worn this skirt much but I think it will prove to be versatile. :)


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