Monday, January 28, 2013

inspiration Monday: inattentive

The inspiration:
My take:
 Before I figured out that it was too warm to wear leggings and boots:
  Volcom dress, Planet Gold plaid buttondown, leggings, Macy's
Dr. Scholl's Allycats booties, HauteLook
What I ended up wearing:
Style & Co. sandals, Macy's

    Today I would like to address an epidemic that is sweeping our nation: not the flu or norovirus, but inattention.
    Case in point: last week, I pulled up to the curb outside Mr.'s house to park the car. I noticed there was a girl standing on the sidewalk, gazing at her phone and looking as if she was waiting for her ride. I didn't think much of it until she walked around to my passenger side door and opened it, saying "Thank you," and was about to sit down when I blurted out, "I'm not your ride." 
    Yikes. This girl was about to get in the car of someone she didn't even know. When did folks get so inattentive? Admittedly, I am probably a bit extreme when it comes to safety. I make a point of not listening to music or being otherwise plugged into a gadget when I'm walking, whether it's a block to my car or while out for some exercise. I was appalled to see a classmate walking home while reading a book (in the dark, no less). I lock my car doors promptly upon getting in, walk briskly, and keep an eye out for suspicious folks. I may be a scaredycat, but being a scaredycat has its benefits.

 LK Atelier (Hawaii designer!) pearl earrings, gift 

On a lighter note, this was a goofy-photo day. Eyes closed, crazy hands, weird expression - you name it, I captured it on camera. Evidence below (just what am I doing with my hands and hair?):

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  1. Great look, but that story about the girl getting into your car is so scary! People really do focus too much on their phones. I see it when I'm riding to work. Kids walking to school, down the middle of the street (a side street, but still) just looking at their phones. They have no idea that I'm coming up behind them and I doubt they'd hear a car either!

  2. Haha, that chick would have never gotten in my car - I keep my doors locked pretty much at all time and the windows rolled as well. ;o)

  3. I love the water color print with the plaid and the colors are so vibrant
    Great job

  4. Gracey - we always hear about careless drivers, but someone really needs to start a campaign to encourage pedestrians to be alert! It sounds like such common sense to be aware of your surroundings, but obviously it isn't ...

  5. Lisa - good for you! Now I'm much more careful when parking the car. :)

  6. I love both looks :) Love the print on the dress :)

  7. I love both looks! That dress is so pretty! And I love your boots in the first look. I cannot believe that girl almost got in your car. So crazy!

  8. Um, what was up with that girl?? What a weird situation.

  9. Thanks, Kat! I like the print too - but I seem to love all prints ... :)

  10. Thanks! I definitely take a better look around now when I'm parking the car. :)
    I'm trying to stop shopping in the juniors department, but then I remember that I've found awesome things like this dress and shirt there, and decide that it wouldn't hurt to take a look ....

  11. Erin - distraction at its finest! :)


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