Friday, January 18, 2013

lovely links: make 2013 sparkle

     Carol of In Pursuit of Pretty Things shared a link to a free 2013 workbook in this post (which you should read, by the way - it will make you think).
     Last Friday, I decided to give the workbook a try. While the opening pages suggest that the process takes an hour, in reality I found this took several hours (and I'm still not done with the month-by-month planning and optional letter written by my 2015 self). The opening pages also suggest getting yourself something to drink ... I would add a fortifying snack or two if you plan to do this in one session.
     The process includes choosing a word to guide your year, and mine is featured above.
   Have you ever done one of these planning workbooks before? I haven't, but I enjoyed the experience so much, I think this will be a must for 2014.


  1. I think your word is perfect for a guide to your year :) Never done one of those workbooks before but I'm interested!

  2. Megan - the great thing about this workbook is that it's fairly open-ended. It's kind of fun to choose a theme for each month, too, and I'm finding that I'm already working on goals that I've designated for other months. It's made for individuals, but I think it might be a great exercise for couples to do together as well! :)


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