Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Try-it-out Tuesday: sparkly tomboy

  short necklace and Love Fire olive skinnies, Nordstrom Rack
long necklace, Forever 21
Ralph Lauren buttondown, Ross

      I love a good boy's buttondown, but sometimes their boxy shape and loose fit can be a little hard to style. Tucking them into a high-waisted pencil skirt can be a quick fix, but a little more formal than I like on a weekend. Doubling up on the necklaces and adding a slim-fitting pant is a more weekend-friendly option.This was perfect for a Sunday excursion to the outlet mall and some serious time in the fitting rooms.
      I picked up some great wardrobe staples at amazing prices during a trip to the Gap Factory Store: two bright cardigans (cobalt and yellow), one white buttondown, and a striped tee, all for a grand total of $53. I visited other stores and tried on things at each one, but exercised restraint and passed on things that didn't quite fit or I didn't love. It's easy to get carried away at the outlet mall in regards to impulse purchases, but I think I did really well this time. I did love a square-neck black dress in a very structured cotton at Banana Republic Factory Store, but the dry-clean-only care tag and $60-plus price deterred me.
       And not to be annoying, but ... you can win a Haitian Bead necklace or bracelet in my very first giveaway! As of Monday night, only two folks have entered -- so if you like what you see, please enter! It's beautiful jewelry for a beautiful cause. Giveaway closes Fri., 12/21.

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