Monday, December 24, 2012

new classic and conversation closers

Halogen petite ponte skirt, Nordstrom Rack, gift
embellished tank, Macy's
JJ Basics cardigan, passed down

     I've been having fun getting dressed lately - maybe it's because I feel so much more relaxed with nothing to do but enjoy winter break. Evidence: I wore my houndstooth skirt for the first time to get dinner with sis and a cousin last week. Since it's the holidays, I added a sparkly tank, pearl accessories, and red cardigan - but knotted the tank at the hip so it looks laid-back vs. stuffy.
      Random news: I've realized that telling people that I'm studying library sciences is a conversation closer. The average person just has no conception of what librarians really do (and no, I don't take classes in Advanced Shushing and Reshelving). At the most, I get a blank but pleasant look and an "Oh, that's nice." I need to think up a 10-second soundbite that makes my future profession accessible and interesting without sounding pedantic or snooty.


  1. Looooving this outfit -- classy with a bit of sass in that oh-yeah-this-is-what-you-callHOUNDSTOOTH skirt. ;)

    Oh, yes, the "I'm a librarian" conversation... "What do you do, study the alphabet?" Blegh. Over the years, I've found that inserting the fact that I study librarians in pop culture helps out (I even blog about it over at, or that I blog (always raises a few eyebrows), or that librarians are AWESOME and useful people to have in one's life help keep the conversation going.

    Happy almost New Year!

    Jen @ Librarian for Life and Style,

  2. Thanks, Jen! I don't have many printed skirts and I think this one will be a versatile piece.

    Good pointers for the "I'm a librarian" conversation! :) I haven't checked out your librarians in pop culture blog yet, but will have to do that soon!


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