Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Try-it-out Tuesday: J. Crew sleeve roll and just loved it

Before we talk about the frivolous stuff, just a friendly reminder for those in the U.S. ...

Now, back to the clothes ...

Lauren Ralph Lauren buttondown, thrifted
navy and green leatherette colorblock belt, Forever 21
petite pencil skirt, CK Outlet
      I have to admit that there's nothing particularly innovative or new about this outfit, but I really loved it. That should count as something for Try-it-out Tuesday, right? I did try out the J. Crew sleeve roll (next time I'd like it to be a bit messier). Most of my shirtsleeves are too slim-fitting to pull off this kind of roll, but this worked out great.
      This shirt is a medium, and I'm liking the slouchy fit.  It's long enough that I think I could wear it with skinny jeans, my turquoise jeggings, or maybe even leggings.
        I found this shirt misplaced (or hidden) in Goodwill's men's section, while I was browsing for a men's shirt to attempt refashioning. The cash registers weren't working right that day (they weren't taking credit cards), so maybe someone stashed this with plans to come back later with cash. But all's fair in love, war, and thrifting, right? So I have no guilt about snatching it up. ;)
      Speaking of thrifting - one of my goals for winter break is to purge my closet. I've added quite a few pretty things thanks to Goodwill, so I need to go through my closet carefully, and be ruthless about purging items that don't fit well or just aren't my style. Any tips on making purging less painful, particularly for packrats like me? 


  1. I have no mercy when clearing out clothes that I no longer wear! But I do have things from about a hundred years ago too... lol
    Can't believe you found that amazing shirt in a thrift shop!!!


    Little giveaway on my blog this week :-)

  2. I've never actually thought of a sleeve-roll that closely. Interesting how you did a whole post about it!
    And I cannot imagine a (straight) man wearing that shirt. Looks great on you though!



  3. i have an article on my inspiration board about how to do that sleeve roll
    i might actually want to look at it something when i am rolling my sleeves lol
    i love this look

  4. Yes, yay for voting! (I forget are you guys on the west coast time or are you only an hour ahead of ak? I'm wondering if you guys get the same thing where your polls haven't closed yet when the Presidential winner is announced.)
    I love this outfit of your. That blue blouse is gorgeous it almost looks like a paisley print but looking closer it's not quite one. I really like it with the sleeves rolled up!

  5. dawn suitcase vignetttesNovember 8, 2012 at 3:17 PM

    Carrie, hi! I look in the men's and children's section for items too. Nice find. Purging tips: If it doesn't go with other things in your closet for remixing ditch it. If you don't LOVE IT, get rid of it. Donate it to someone who will wear it. I am doing this same thing and I am also not shopping until my closet is full of wonderful things that I love remixing and wearing. dawn suitcase vignettes

  6. Dawn - great tips! Thanks for sharing. :)

  7. Katie - I think there's an hour difference between Hawaii and Alaska. We had some polls open very late, til almost 9 p.m., because of some crazy ballot shortages. Some folks waited up to 3 hours at the polling place to cast their vote.
    I love this not-quite-paisley print too - can't wait to wear it again. :)

  8. Brett - thank you! I think the roll would look a little better with a fabric that has slightly more body, like a chambray. :)

  9. Sabrina - the buttons are on the left side, so this is a women's shirt that wound up in the wrong section. I got lucky while browsing the men's section. :)

  10. NewLife - sometimes it's hard to let go of things when good memories are attached to them. :)

    I love buttondowns, and this is my new favorite. :)


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