Friday, October 12, 2012


   Belt, thrifted
UK Style by French Connection cotton-modal tee, Sears
bracelets: DIY and gift from student

    Sometimes wonderful things happen outfit-wise when I haven't ironed in ages and have to pick whatever's left in the drawer. This is one of those throwaway belts that comes with pairs of shorts from the junior's department (I know because I saw it at Macy's the day I thrifted it!). However, I like the pattern so much, I'm considering hot-gluing a ribbon over the exposed threads on the back of the belt so I can enjoy it longer. Now I just need to locate my long-lost glue gun and glue refills ...
   All this week has been hazy from volcanic emissions and hot hot hot. Can't wait for the tradewinds to return! Also, I can't even think about ironing until the winds come back.
   Happy Friday! I've got a busy weekend ahead, but also some family time to look forward to on Saturday evening.What's in your plans?


  1. I'm a sucker for stripes and yours look fabulous! ;-)

  2. Thank you, Mary Ann! I'm a sucker for stripes, too. :)


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