Monday, October 15, 2012

happy Monday, vol. 27

3 things that are making me happy lately ...
1. The Halloween candy sales are in full swing, and I couldn't resist picking up a bag of Reese's Fast Break fun-size bars. They're dangerously good, and I'm trying to make the bag stretch out as long as possible ... because I could really eat the entire bag in a few days without restraint.
2. My Saturday class took a field trip to an awesome library. It was so much fun to talk to and learn from an innovative, passionate librarian who is using all of his skill sets to help the school and its students.
3. Family time on Saturday, and fancy desserts - red velvet cheesecake!

Happy Monday! What's making you smile lately? :)


  1. having my youngest home from college and getting him all to myself is definitely making me smile

  2. Ooo red velvet cheesecake? I have never tried it but it surely sounds good

  3. It was very decadent and a nice take on the usual red velvet cake. :)

  4. Yay - glad you are enjoying some family time, too. :)


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