Friday, October 26, 2012

librarian PJs and eagle eyes

Gap dress, $20 after rewards and sale discount
necklace, Macy's
Maybelline Rum Riche ColorSensational lipstick

      Let me say this first: Hey, I'm wearing lipstick! And I even reapplied it post-lunch! And, I got complimented on the color. :)
      We now resume our regularly scheduled post: I am looking forward to wearing this dress belted, too, but for a tired Tuesday I went with the straight shift look (a.k.a. librarian pajamas). I've heard people refer to dresses like this as "pajama dresses," and this dress worn without a belt certainly qualifies. Most knitty things are way too unseemly-looking (read: clingy) in the back for me to wear them to work, but this is a nice substantial knit - so no worries there.
    I went into two fourth-grade classrooms on Tuesday morning to kick off their healthy eating project. I was a little worried that my lesson would be too basic, but I learned otherwise when I gave them a pre-test. Only 1 student from each class could name 5 food groups! We looked at and they completed an "information hunt" worksheet to familiarize themselves with the benefits, nutrients, and recommended serving sizes for each food group.
    While I was circulating to help the students, one student asked me, "Is this site made for kids?" I told him yes, and asked him what he had seen that made him wonder. He pointed out that he had seen a three-letter word that started with "s" on the web page (see the page here). I told him that sometimes that word could be used to talk about whether you're a boy or girl, not other things. It kind of amazes me that of all the words on the web site, he noticed that one. I'm glad he asked, though!
     Every time I teach a lesson, it turns out to be a learning experience for me, as well. For instance, I realized after I worked with both classes that I should have modeled using the web site better and walked them through some of the questions. What looks easy to use to an adult is something else for a student. Not all students are reading on grade level, so I think they had some difficulty reading - which tells me it might be more fruitful to pull easy-reading books that have the same info. More work for me, but a better learning experience for the kids.


  1. I like this dress - you know my love of comfort clothes! And surely you don't mean the S-E-X word (gasp - fans myself)!

  2. Love the look of that dress - and I have to say that "pyjama dresses" sound right up my street!


  3. That story about the three-letter 's' word is so cute; I've never thought how confusing that could be to a child.

    This dress is great on you. I wanted one as well, but they didn't have my size left; I guess I'll just live vicariously through you.

    Have a wonderful weekend, Carrie.


  4. Cute dress :) I can definitely see it belted on you :)

  5. Thanks, Kat! Looking forward to wearing it belted soon. :)

  6. Thanks, Gracey! I tried to order a similar striped Gap dress a few months ago and missed out. :( Some of their stuff sells fast!

  7. It is seriously so comfy - and foolproof! You just need an accessory or great pair of shoes and it looks polished ...

  8. Cute and comfy - what's not to love?

    Hehe - shall I fetch the smelling salts? ;) The shocking things that come out of kids' mouths ...


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