Monday, July 9, 2012

happy Monday, vol. 14 {the men edition}

3 things that are making me happy lately ...

1. Bruno Mars. I will admit to being kind of obsessed with this song. It's not new, and I heard it on the radio a handful of times without much interest, and then ... I couldn't stop listening to it.  I don't believe in automatically becoming a rabid fan of any singer/actor/entertainer just because they're from Hawaii, but I have to admit that he is genuinely talented.
2. Russell Brand. I always thought he was a fluffhead (and he probably is, in some aspects of his life), but the Mr. pulled up one of his standup pieces on Netflix the other night. I was intrigued when he used the word tautology, then a bit captivated when he mentioned Foucault (who, admittedly, I have not read, but I see him cited repeatedly in the journal articles and dissertations I edit). What can I say, I love a guy with a big vocabulary. ;)
3. The Mr., for patiently sitting through the 2-hour-plus film adaptation of Haruki Murakami's novel "Norwegian Wood" this weekend. The film can't compare with the book -- I think the novel has a humor and energy that wasn't really captured on film -- but it was interesting to watch nonetheless.

Happy Monday! :)

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  1. I love Bruno Mars too! Such a great talent, and his songs are so catchy!


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