Wednesday, June 27, 2012

two bananas walk into a classroom ...

    Punch line, anyone? If you feel so inspired, leave me a punch line in the comments ... :)
    It's not intentional, but this is the second outfit I've posted lately that features two items from the same company.

Embellished top and skirt, Banana Republic
pearl bracelet, HauteLook
blue sparkly bracelet, gifted
cord and seed bead bracelet, DIY
     There is a very pretty ribbon tie in the back of this top that I'm sure I tied horribly. I didn't even attempt to photograph it -- but perhaps next time Erin will lend me her drunken gnomes as photographers.

     A few sparkly bracelets always make work outfits a little more fun. ...


  1. They are pretty tiny, so I could just slip them into an envelope to mail!

  2. Your bracelets are so pretty - and they go perfectly with the top!

  3. :) Better make sure they're sober before you ship them ... I think the USPS might not like rowdy gnomes in transit. :)

  4. Two bananas walk into a classroom, one says "Are you peeling better today" ......
    lol ok it was too punny I know..

    Love the skirt ;)

  5. :) I was trying to think of a punch line that played on the word "peel," couldn't think of one. :)
    This skirt went unworn for a long time, but I think it might just become a favorite.


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