Friday, June 1, 2012

Jeans-free June: kickoff

     I'm sending my jeans on summer vacation! (Should I say yay or yikes?) They work so hard all year, they deserve a break. :) This means that I'll be wearing only skirts and dresses (and maybe shorts) this month. I'm still most comfortable in pants, but I'm hoping this challenge will change that.
   To kick off my jeans-free June, I wore this yesterday. It's not officially a dress, given that it's composed of separates, but it's dress-like enough.

Love Change tank, Macy's
foldover-waist jersey skirt, Old Navy
sheer duster, inherited from great-aunt
Carole agate necklace, Nordstrom Rack clearance
   I  like that the sheer layer adds a bold pattern and a lot of movement. I also like that adding a layer makes this jersey skirt more work-friendly (clingy knits on my bottom half are usually not work-appropriate). The main reason that I'm not totally sold on this outfit is that I'm concerned that this still looks too 1970s-ish. 

   Typing "sheer" into a Google search will give you some ... interesting results. However, here are a few ideas I found for styling my duster. 

How would you style this duster? I'd love to hear some suggestions. :)


  1. This is so cool! I have some tops like this that I love, which I use for layering over tank tops, but this makes me want to try layering them over dresses, too.

  2. You migth want to check out Sally's take on the 'long over lean' formula:

    The overall color-combo is a bit dark. It would be more cheerful to wear some lighter color footwear with leaner straps and just a bit higher heels. Please note that I am not considering practicality or comfort here. I would also switch to a lighter color dress like some light blue with a white belt. Seriously. Lighter colors would make a more relaxed and brighter look. And if you had changed the ratios of the horizontal lines that makes the look segmented: length of skirt, height of heels, the overall effect would be very different.

    Would you believe what a style junkie I am? And I wore JEANS and a black tee today. So much for my style.

    In these current colors you look a bit mommyfied as in "mommy like". No offense, I am trying to be funny here.

  3. I like the duster, and I think it would be great with shorts as well (like the last picture)!

    Yay for Jeans-free June- it's too hot for denim anyway!

  4. fashionforgiantsJune 1, 2012 at 12:42 PM

    I like how you styled it. If it's 70s, its in the best possible way.

    I have a couple. One I've worn belted over a pleated skirt so that the skirt peeked through when I walked. The other I wear basically like the 7 for all Mankind add. Cutoffs, tank, duster and sandals.

    Good luck with Jeans Free June - that sounds like a fun challenge!


  5. A duster sounds like a great item to have in the summer. It's light and airy enough to keep you cool, but can be wrapped around you when it gets chilly in the evenings. I like how you belted yours :)

  6. Thanks, Gracey! I will definitely be trying out both the pleated skirt and cutoffs looks. :)

  7. Thanks, Katie. You're right about it being too hot for denim. :)

  8. Thanks, Erin! By the way, I just started reading "The Diamond Age" based on your book blog writeup, and I'm enjoying it a lot. :)

  9. Thanks, Rinny! I'm looking forward to wearing my duster during the summer. :)

  10. You make some good points, Maria! I have a light blue skirt, so I'll have to try out your suggestions. :) I will be checking out that blog post, too.
    Shoes are always an issue for me. While I love the look of heels, they are just not practical for me at work. I do agree that they would add something to the outfit!
    And there's nothing wrong with a black tee and jeans. :)


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