Monday, May 21, 2012

like it, pin it, do it: layered jello

     I decided to link up today with Jenn of Passenger Seat Perspective's "like it, pin it, do it" feature. :)

     On Friday I made layered finger jello, using this recipe. (Don't worry, there are no fingers in it -- it's called that because you add extra gelatin to make it firmer so you can pick it up and eat it, vs. using a spoon!)
     I know some people find jello gross, but jello is definitely a Hawaii thing -- you can usually find a seven-layer jello on the dessert table at most potlucks. Asian cultures also use kanten/agar agar, so perhaps that's where the interest in bouncy, gelatinous desserts originates. :)  If you're vegetarian, or a bit squeamish about gelatin's animal origins, kanten is a good option because it comes from seaweed. I haven't made kanten before, but here are some neat recipes I found that I'd like to try out (coffee flavor and amazingly elegant raspberry cubes).
     But let's get back to my finger-less jello -- I didn't have 3 boxes of the same flavor, so I ended up using two boxes of lime and one box of lemon, which worked out fine. The recipe also calls for whipping cream, but I used half and half. You could also substitute in ice cream (see this recipe).
     The jello starts off looking like green slime:

   However, after a few hours in the fridge, it looks like this:

     It's getting hot here, so this is a refreshing treat that's easy to make. :)
    What's your favorite sweet to make/eat in the summertime? Or, what have you pinned lately that you've actually done or tried out?


  1. I love making choc ripple cake :) It's super easy and involves only 2 ingredients! Choc ripple biscuits and cream :)

  2. Oh, that sounds good, Kat! Is it one of those no-bake things that you assemble and let sit in the fridge? :)

  3. That's the one!! :)

  4. Mmmm that looks so amazing! Sorry I'm so late to see this! I would really enjoy some of that right about now...

  5. Thanks for dropping by, Jenn. :) I think I'll be making this regularly - it's easy and great on a hot day.


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