Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Try-it-out Tuesday: crazy pants

     Things I love about Ross: the variety and prices.
     Things I don't love about Ross: finding something great ... in the wrong size.
     Exhibit A: these possibly fantastic pants, which I could only find in a medium.

Polo?/Ralph Lauren? shirt (free from Mom)
Double Take tie-waist palazzo pants, (Ross, $12.99)
red lucite 6-strand necklace, eBay
     I spent quite a bit of time fussing with the ties to ensure that the excess fabric wasn't lumpy or bunched up. After I finally got it tied to my satisfaction, and put on the shirt, and necklace, and focused the camera ... the camera battery died. So I had to get undressed, put the battery in its charger, and kill some time. This would have made me a bit grumpy on most days, but I had freshly baked cookies to nibble on while I waited, so it was OK. :)

     These pants are as comfortable as pajamas, and they kind of remind me of the hakama I wear for aikido. (Yes, that is a strange reason to like an item of clothing). The only problem is that they're too big. I might consider checking the other Ross in town to see if I can find the right size. Or maybe there's a way to take in some of the extra fabric?
    Anyhow, I've decided that just as every woman needs a LBDD (little black dress with a difference), she should also own a pair of "crazy pants" -- statement-making bottoms. Do you own a pair?
    Happy Tuesday!


  1. Wow it looks like you are wearing a maxi :) I wonder what the smaller size would look on you :)

  2. Kat -- I really wish these were a small! I'm going to look at a different Ross and see whether I can find them.

  3. I actually think the pants looks great on you, it doesn't look too big at all, I guess the sash helps. Very classy look. I like the red necklace for some nice accent. By the way your battery story made me laugh, it happens...to me too.


  4. I love those pants. They kind of look like a maxi skirt!! And I love the way you styled the pants....cookies don't sound bad either. I hope your having a good week Carrie!!

  5. Totally thought that was a maxi skirt! But they look awesome - love the tucked in blouse & red necklace :)

    The Other Side of Gray

  6. Those pants are great! I hope my Ross has them in stock. It looks great with the tucked in button up and the statement necklace. Very elegant outfit!

  7. These are adorable! Almost like a maxi skirt! I know what you mean about Ross, so frustrating. It's almost like thrifting, but it's like they have every size BUT the one you want. I keep going back for the prices, bags, and shoes, though.



  8. Thanks, Mongs! That red necklace is becoming a favorite! :) I think I have an extra battery somewhere -- I should start keeping it charged so I don't have to wait around if the first battery dies.

  9. Thanks, Sayaka! I like the look of skirts but am most comfortable in pants ... so these are perfect for me. :)

  10. Thanks, Katie! I think you would totally rock this pair of pants! :)

  11. Thanks, Jenn! I've been trying to stay out of the handbag section -- too tempting!


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