Wednesday, February 1, 2012

January roundup: gone astray

I SPENT: $24.84.*
* Some items purchased with credits from 2011.
     So, I'm not too impressed with myself for the inaugural month of my dollar-a-day budget. Thanks to credits at Ross and Old Navy (my shopping kryptonite), I had some wiggle room for purchases, and wiggle I did.
    Actual total, counting items bought with exchange/return credits (ulp*): $71.22.

1 = FCUK tweed blazer, Sears, $27.99 (gifted).
2 = floral ruffle top, Old Navy, $6.49.  *
3 = green dress, Old Navy, $7.73. *
4 = green cable sweater, Old Navy, $6.29.*
5 =  Julie's Closet lime green animal-print cardigan, Ross, $11.99. *
6 = Grane flare jeans, Ross, $11.99. *
7 = lucite tassel necklace, eBay, $3.99.
8 and 9 = enamel necklace and 6-strand red necklace, $8.48, eBay.
10 = Fossil belt, $14.24, Macy's. *
11 = Not pictured - Lush eggplant pleated midi skirt, Nordstrom Rack, $5.40 (gifted).

Favorite additions to my closet: 1, 6, 8 and 10.
Most challenging to style: 9 and 11.
Likely return: 5.

     The interesting thing about documenting all of my purchases for the month is that patterns emerge. Can you tell what color I've been drawn to?
     While shopping is so much fun (if I could have underlined that 10 times, I would have!), about halfway through the month I had to stop and ask myself: do I need any of these things? The answer, frankly, is always NO. Sure, I'm excited about finding a classic blazer, and adding flare jeans to my denim lineup. But do I absolutely NEED them? No. I could keep my wallet closed and still have lots of clothes to wear.
      This month showed me that I'm still looking for balance in regards to what goes into my closet.
Sure, I love owning tons of pretty things, but if they only get worn once or twice -- is it worth it? I dream of having a closet of carefully chosen items. Everything would fit well, express my personal style, and suit my career/lifestyle. Items would be beautiful and quality -- that doesn't mean designer, but it definitely means not disposable. These items would be made of fabrics that wash and wear well.
     Whew. Obviously, I have a ways to go before reaching my dream closet.
     In that light, I'm dubbing this month Fun February, and I'll be doing something worthwhile with my monthly budget and my closet. I'll share details this week. :)


  1. This is a great idea to do a roundup! I love number 1 the best :)

  2. I love that red necklace! So great. Also, I tag you in a book quiz on my blog!

  3. Loving the round up :) I reckon you still made it under budget with the credits hehe

  4. Thanks, Megan! 've already worn the blazer several times.
    It's kind of interesting to review one month's purchases and look for patterns.

  5. Thanks, Erin! I think browsing eBay for jewelry could become a major time-waster ... :)
    I saw the tag! Thank you, I'm excited to participate! :)

  6. You're right! Without the credits - $24.84. :)

  7. Wow, you got some amazing stuff, and it's awesome how you're still under budget!

  8. I can't believe you got all those goodies for less than $30!! I need to go shopping with you!!

  9. Love this idea and everything you said about shopping. I definitely have a problem and a closet full of items that are rarely worn! Can't wait to read more of these posts!!

  10. These are great finds! OMG I think you did an awesome job with under $100...if I budgeted like this Carrie, I could retire in 5 years ahhhh!

  11. Thanks, Bessie! I think the prospect of early retirement would be excellent motivation for cutting back ... :)

  12. Thanks for the encouragement, Katie. :)

  13. Thanks, Inna! Hoping to not cheat with credits from now on, but I have Macy's gift cards from the Mr. waiting to be spent ... :)

  14. That would be so much fun, Sayaka! :)

  15. great haul! that is a lot for the amount you paid! it really is fun to shop but yeah i guess at some point in time we girls really have to learn to edit our closets!

  16. Thanks for dropping by! I still need to learn the fine art of editing my closet. :)

  17. ooh my favorites are the tweed blazer and enamel necklace--I want! I say, go ahead and wiggle when you can. ;)
    xoxo Charity
    ps--now hosting a lovely giveaway!

  18. Thank you, Charity! Going to check out your blog and giveaway. :)

  19. Your dream closet sounds exactly like my dream closet. Our dream closets are pretty much twins.

    I'm very interested to see how your dollar-a-day experiment goes. It's something I would love to try myself! Keep up the good work. :)

  20. I looooove editing my closet. But then I use that to justify buying more new things...

  21. Dream closet twinsies. :) Thanks for the encouragement, Lauren!

  22. I think this is a fabulous thing to do. I love review. Honestly, I think it makes you step back and really think about the ways we can do better. And really, when do we do that? Most of us are too consumed with other things... the busy lives we have or other people around us... It's good to do this and look what we learn? God I should definitely do this in my spare time. You're so right, of course. We don't need half of the things we buy.

  23. Courtney - this is the first time I've done a review, and you're right, it really is eye-opening! Some of my January purchases have already been worn multiple times and I know they are worth the money spent because they fit well, are useful for my lifestyle, etc. Not every item purchased meets that criteria, though! Creating my dream closet is definitely a process.

  24. definitely, I agree... it's hard to know. Sometimes when I hmmm and aww over an item and think and I'm about to put it back then I'm thinking "no I can't" and it becomes my favorite piece. Totally unexpected. I guess we need to think about what is already in our closet and if we have items similar to those things that we wear more often. What goes with what is already in our closet.


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