Thursday, February 2, 2012

Fun February: 2 challenges

     As I mentioned in my January roundup, I have designated this month as Fun February. Since my word of the year is CREATE, I have decided to do two things this month to help me create a life of appreciation and balance.
     Fortunate February: Counting my blessings should be a daily activity. To celebrate all that I have, I'll be forgoing shopping and donating my budgeted $30 to a charity.
    February Freeze: To better appreciate the bounty of my closet, I won't be adding anything new to it. Instead, I'll be shopping my closet, and determinedly wearing all the nice things that I, uh, have never worn, or have maybe worn once.  (Hmm, that strapless poofy dress is definitely going to make for an interesting outfit!) This challenge might, realistically, run into March because I suspect that I have tons of eligible clothing items.
      Do you have a bunch of pretty but unworn things in your closet? Drop me an e-mail or comment if you decide to create an outfit incorporating something you have never worn, or only worn once. :)


  1. I have TONS of clothes in my closet that I have either never worn or have only worn once. I did feathers and freckles 10 x 2 challenge, not really in that order (in two weeks) but what I did do was awesome. Makes me wonder why I buy so much. I think I fall in love with trends and ideas. Not so much how it looks on me. Honestly, I buy most of my clothes online so I really have nothing to judge it on... Anyway. This is a great idea! I can't wait to see what you have in your closet... :D

  2. Courtney - I hear you on falling in love with trends and ideas. Still figuring out how to keep up with the blogs I love/trends and resist that urge to add stuff to the closet. :)


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