Monday, January 30, 2012

variations on a shirtdress: 2 looks

Have camera, will travel: An animal-print scarf reinvents a basic shirtdress. Add jewelry souvenirs from your travels and comfortable shoes with a hint of color.

Obligatory awkward pose

Samoa wooden earrings, gift from E.K.M.

I keep my crazy on the inside: Layer a fun top underneath the shirtdress and leave it partially unbuttoned. Add paillette-and-chain earrings because you can never have too many paillettes ...

Claire's earrings (gifted)
    I actually dreamed up a few other variations but didn't have time to photograph each one. I'm so glad that I didn't pitch this little dress in the donation bag ... I haven't had enough fun with it yet!!
Click here and here for some other ways to style a shirtdress!


  1. I love the first photo :) Belting the animal scarf into the shirt dress looks really pretty :)

  2. Thank you! I'm surprised by how versatile this scarf is. :)

  3. So pretty! You look great! I love the idea of shirtdresses, but I can never get them to work on my body.


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