Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Try-it-out Tuesday: same picture, better frame

     It's been said that eyebrows are the frame for a woman's face and in particular, her eyes. With that in mind, I went to see Lena of Lena's Fab Brows the other day for a long overdue reshaping.

     I wanted natural and polished-looking brows, with an emphasis on evenness. You see, the first time I got my brows done (by a different person), I was horrified by the uneven results. I think that's because I am missing an itty bit of my right eyebrow, and that could throw off many a stylist. But not Lena!

       I'm really happy with the results! It was so fun to apply a little eye makeup on Saturday night -- I feel like this one change has really opened up my eyes and face.


  1. Your brows turned out great!

  2. Carrie...um is this the first time I've ever seen you on the blog? OMG you are one beautiful lady! Your eyebrows look great, I need to grow mine out...ahhh!

  3. Your brows look great! I never knew what difference brows could make until I got mine done for the first time!

  4. aww, thanks for the sweet compliment, Bessie. :)


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