Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Try-it-out Wednesday: my new clutch, or, superpowers I don't possess

     For Christmas, my friend R gave me this clutch. Which is kind of amazing considering that we had discussed my lack of such a bag months and months ago. The fact that she remembered this, and hunted down one for me as a present, proves she possesses that female gifting superpower. Sadly, this is a superpower that I do not possess.
One of my blog goals for this year is to post one outfit a month that incorporates a bag. The right bag and right pair of shoes can elevate a look from ho-hum nice to unforgettable. This bag and shoe combining is another superpower I don't possess (yet!)
     Old Navy's clearance rack is irresistible. I liked the colors of this shirt's floral print, but wasn't sure if the very exaggerated ruffle (front and back) was going to work.  However, it is surprisingly feminine and flattering. I couldn't find this in XS, so I settled for a small, which means the bottom is rather long. A partial tuck took care of the excess fabric.
   While my closet is overflowing with certain items, it is oddly devoid of some classics. This year, I'm on the hunt for classic items, such as a little black dress and a good blazer. I think I found the latter (sneak peek in the photo above), and at a place I don't usually shop! :) I'll be posting a review soon.
    Getting back to superpowers, what's yours? For me, it's a toss-up between my amazing appetite for chocolate (the Mr. finds it appalling that I can drink a cup of cocoa and eat chocolate at the same time), or my ability to read quickly (a skill honed by my former career).


  1. I love the clutch! It's so pretty. I just tried the DIY bracelet today and posted it on my blog :) Hmm my superpowers is probably being able to hear what I want to hear - I'm good at tuning out things I don't want to hear lol...

  2. I love this clutch! Such unique detailing :)

  3. Thank you! It's not a color or style I would have picked out on my own, but I like it a lot. :)

  4. Katherine - selective hearing is definitely an ability that can come in handy. :)


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