Wednesday, January 18, 2012

CREATE: seed bead bracelets

    Things I do instead of homework on long weekends:
       I'm looking forward to delving into my seed bead collection and making more of these. I love that they're dainty and sparkly.
     The braided one with the tan cord was supposed to look like this.  However, something happened along the way. My local craft store doesn't stock the recommended Irish waxed linen, so I decided to use the braiding cord I had. The problem was that it was a little tough to get the beads on the cord. However, I rather like the organic (OK, some people would say messy and crooked) result of getting the beads wherever I could.


  1. I love the DIY bracelets! I wanna try this at home! Just need to head to the craft store :) thanks for sharing

  2. Katherine - I hope you post your creations on your blog! :)

  3. Those are so pretty! I love the sparkly-ness :)

  4. Thanks! I hope the sparkle distracts people from noticing the less-than-perfect craftsmanship. :)


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