Thursday, January 5, 2012

goodbye, 2011 -- welcome, 2012!

remember: anything is possible

Biggest changes
  •  Taking a year of unpaid leave to pursue the degree that will allow me to do my "dream job." 
  • Supporting my mom by taking on more responsibilities in regards to grandma.
  • I truly loved teaching fourth grade!
  • I finished my second year of classroom teaching and used my difficult first year to plant the seeds of success for the second. 
Going out on a limb
  • Shy, awkward me get up in front of classmates or strangers and tell a STORY? Never! Well, that's what I thought before I met NFB, my storytelling professor. Her unflagging positivity, passion and firm belief that storytelling is an essential skill for a librarian worked their magic on me. 
Upcoming challenges
  • I need to focus on and prepare for my aikido test in February.
  • I need to take a look at my finances and decide whether I can afford to extend my unpaid leave for an additional half-year.
 I will
  • Manage my time better when it comes to schoolwork.
  • Make organization a part of everyday life. 
  • Break the bad habit of leisure time = Internet surfing/blog reading. I'd like to use that time to read, journal, sew, draw ... 
      Lindsay of From the Aisle to Aloha wrote a lovely little post about choosing a word to guide her year.
     I've chosen my own word as well -- C R E A T E!
     It's my choice to create a life full of happiness and peace. I choose to create an organized home, a healthy lifestyle, and close, caring relationships with people important to me. I choose to create a life of abundance that distinguishes between want and need, that values time and experience over material possessions.
     I'd like to weave my word of the year into my blog. Looking forward to seeing how that happens!


  1. Is that a pig with wings? So cute! Love your word....create is a great word!

    The Other Side of Gray

  2. Yes, that is a pig with wings! :) I hope choosing a word will give me some flexibility while at the same time provide some focus. :)


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