Wednesday, January 11, 2012

glam Asian lumberjack

       I put together this outfit on Monday, and this phrase immediately popped into my head: glam Asian lumberjack. I wonder whether that's a bad sign when you're getting dressed that the outfit is too way-out and quirky ... but here it is.
       I started with this shirt, which pre-blog me would have meekly paired with a black jacket/cardigan.
      However, purple is one of my favorite colors, so I decided to increase the purple love in this outfit by adding a plaid shirt. Purple plaid is the new neutral, right? ; )

      I deliberately scrunched the sleeves up a bit so the gray could peek out. I love when layers peek out! And it's not something I get to do often, given our tropical weather.
     The finishing touch was my new tassel necklace and silver bangles. I understand that, in theory, this necklace does not match everything in my closet. However, I'm planning to pretend that it does for at least a few more days ...


  1. LOL at your name for it. I don't think it's too quirky at all- it's adorable!

  2. great layering!

    x Alexa

  3. Thank you, Inna! I thought I might feel a little weird in this, but I actually loved it.

  4. Thank you, Annie! Trying to move away from shopping in the juniors section, but I've found a few things I really liked there. :)

  5. Great purple checked shirt. :) Thanks for visiting my blog, hun!

    xx Love & Aloha


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