Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Try-it-out Tuesday: stripes + boots + tights

    Forever 21 was offering free shipping last week, so I caved in and bought the striped skirt I had been eyeing all throughout my shopping ban, a pair of black tights, and a navy and green colorblocked belt. It amuses me that the tights cost just a bit more than the skirt.
F21 bodycon skirt with foldover waist, $6.50
    I got this skirt in a large, hoping that would make it less clingy in the back. However, while the waist is a little big, it's still much too snug in the rear for work. I will need to wear  a flowy, longer top or a longer jacket/cardigan to make it work-appropriate.
   I tried the tights on with my new boots, in the hopes that the all-black look might neutralize the boots' stump-ifying powers. Wishful thinking, anyone?
F21 textured striped tights, $6.80
     I'm excited about owning my first pair of tights! It will allow me to wear dresses and skirts to class and not freeze to death.


  1. Your first pair of tights? Wow :) Now you can try different colors :) Love the striped skirt :)

  2. I love that skirt, and it looks great on you!

  3. Those are great tights! Love the whole look!

  4. thank you! looking forward to some fun pattern mixing. :)

  5. LOVE that striped skirt...so cute and so versatile :)

    The Other Side of Gray

  6. Thanks, Annie! I think I will get a lot of use out of it. :)


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