Monday, November 21, 2011

Try-it-out Tuesday: the complexity of apple pie

        After looking at my posts, I've realized that I'm a little like Sally in the movie "When Harry Met Sally." My thought process when getting dressed seems to run like this: I like this shirt, but it's too girly; I'm going to toughen it up with a shirt jacket. This print is too big or overwhelming, so I'm going to cover up part of it by tucking it in or layering something over it. I'm not sure whether this reflects creativity or if it really means I should just buy clothes that don't need fussing with (???!?)
      Today's challenge: my purple shirt from Goodwill. Love the deep purple, lavender, mint and blue print that reminds me of horseshoes. Don't love that it's extremely shiny polyester (I guess I really do have a thing for the 1970s). I bet that's why it was marked down to $2.50. I figured it would be fun to put together an outfit that makes the shirt look a little more contemporary for Try-it-out Tuesday.

         I ended up taking the necklace off because due to the black cord, it looked like it was floating in the middle of my chest.
        The black sweater, INC petite pants, and earrings (can't see 'em) were previously loved by my mom, friend's aunty and sister, respectively. 
        While sitting in last night's class and listening to the professor explain exactly what he wants for the term paper due on Monday, I realized that I am going to be spending most of the holiday weekend cursing at databases, catching up on a mountain of readings that I need to evaluate, and other similarly fun activities. : P But I hope you have a more relaxing weekend ahead.
        Happy Tuesday!


  1. Ugh no to having to do a paper over the holiday weekend! Hope you still have time to enjoy your time off!

  2. LOL love your quote above, sounds like my sister haha! and the collar shirt is cuute

  3. Hahha definitely love that quote! Sometimes I feel the same way, I will try something on then think it needs a bit here a bit there and then I will get frustrated and change to a totally new outfit! But loved how you styled the shirt. Would love to see what the shirt itself looked like without the sweater? Is it short sleeved or long?

  4. @Lisa - As long as there's food and family, it will be a holiday weekend. :)
    @Pop Champagne - I think we all know someone like that. Thanks for stopping by. :)
    @Katherine - funny that you mentioned changing outfits - after I put this on I was so tempted to change, but I decided to stick with it. The next time I wear this shirt, I will post a picture of it in its full shiny polyester glory ... :)


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