Thursday, October 6, 2011

progress and paillettes

    I have to confess that I'm rather pleased with this outfit's photo shoot. After doing some Google searches and Internet reading, as well as poring over the camera manual, I think my self-timer photos are just an itty bit better. (But if you don't see any difference, that's OK! :) ) I think it might have to do more with the process than the results right now. Nonetheless,  I was happy enough to make these photos EXTRA LARGE. You're welcome! *kidding*
CK top (purchased at Macy's)
    I've decided that I need to nail the indoor photo shoot before I venture outdoors. I want to make sure I feel comfortable with the camera and setting up shots before I venture into public. I know I'll already be anxious enough about people gawking, so I don't want to be stressed out about the technicalities as well.
    This shirt is off the beaten path for me in both color and embellishment. I suppose that's why, when rifling through my closet, I always pause and think, "That is such a neat shirt!" then pass it by ... to wear something not as spectacular. Something I enjoy about this shirt is the little details, like the panels of a different fabric, the rolled sleeve edge, and of course, that glimmering silver bib.
Paillettes -- a no-no before noon?

     I think I need to stop avoiding this shirt. So I wore it to today's 9 a.m. class. (I wonder if paillettes are like alcohol, and are not to be indulged in before noon? Oops.)

Mother of pearl ring (family heirloom); jade ring, previously loved by C.L.; silver ring (craft fair)
For once, I'm not doing something strange with my hands.


  1. Great camera work! I definitely can see the difference!! :) I love that top as well - especially the detailing and that mother of pearl ring is so beautiful!!

  2. Thanks! It took twice as long to take the photos, but I hope it will get faster with practice. :)

  3. where did you get the paillettes from? an online shop? :P

  4. Henry, the shirt came with the embellishments, but I'm betting that a place like MJ trims, etsy or ebay would be a good place to buy some. :)


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