Friday, October 7, 2011

closet orphans, part #2

    Since I had so much fun wearing yesterday's underloved but beautiful top, I decided to show another closet orphan a little love to celebrate Friday.
Banana Republic blouse; Loft blazer 
     Check out the wonderful beading using different colors, sizes and shapes of beads, plus the embroidery.
     There is also a ribbon tie in back, but there were two problems. One: it's hard to tie a neat bow with your hands behind your head. Two: taking a decent photo of the bow is beyond my camera skills right now. I suppose this means I will need to wear this top again. :)
     Problem 3: I think it's so cute to wear a blazer with sleeves cuffed, but this blazer is so snug on me that rolling the cuffs up a bit makes it difficult to move my arms! So I had to roll the sleeves down. Oh, the things I do for the love of stripes. ...


  1. I'm sure I already commented on this? hmm my comment must have gone to cyberspace haha ~ I love the striped blazer! Been looking for one that doesn't resemble a pajama top but yours is lovely - too bad about the cuffs.

  2. katattack - thanks for reposting. :) If I buy from Loft again I will probably size up to see if that solves the problem.

  3. I love this blazer! but you're right, I hate things that are tight on the arms!!

    The detail on this shirt is so pretty!

    I Can Be Many Things

  4. Thanks, Courtney! I didn't realize how much I liked embellishments until I started blogging and noticed how many fancy tops I own. :)


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