Sunday, September 4, 2011


Hello! I’m Carrie, and welcome to Petal by Petal.
Why I’m starting this blog: I’ve been browsing style blogs for a while, and it’s been hugely inspiring to me to see how people express themselves through what they wear. Now I’m taking the plunge and starting my own blog for several reasons: 

  • I live in Hawaii, and while I love many of the looks I see online, they’re not practical for our tropical climate. (I love layering, but in reality I could only do it a few days a year!) So I’d like to work out some looks that are stylish and practical.

  •  My style up to this point has been …. well, rather plain vanilla. My goal is to invite color, texture and pattern out to play.

  •   I want to focus on areas where I feel merely so-so (makeup, accessorizing), and take myself to the next level. 

  • I want to pare down, focus and refine my wardrobe. I want to have items that fit well, work with my lifestyle and highlight my good points.

  •   Not so long ago, I thought focusing on my outer appearance meant I was shallow, or materialistic. Now, however, I see dressing beautifully as an art, something that can foster confidence and joy in my daily life. I want to find my unique style. 
Now let's get to the fun part ... the clothes!



  1. I love that you are so aware of your needs and the fact that you're trying it up and shaking it up... and the fact that you're interested and eager to learn!

    I'll be moving to Hawaii in a month and a half, and I'll have to relearn how to dress for warm weather (I grew up in San Diego, but I've lived in Detroit for 6.5 years, so I have no clue about warm weather dressing year-round!)...this will be interesting. My office pumps the room full of 62F air, so even during the summers, I'm still dressing in layers. Since I'll be freelancing in Hawaii, I'll be a fish out of water, no pun intended.

    Aloha, neighbor!

    Mae Lu @ thereafterish.!

  2. Mae Lu - I'm excited to see how you adapt your style to Hawaii's climate and lifestyle. Best of luck with the freelancing, and thanks for dropping by! :)


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