Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Try-it-out Tuesday

I have never considered myself a pink girl, but ... there was something about this shirt. I liked the chiffon streamers and the hint of sparkle. Thing is, I'm not sure what to pair it with. With the white it's a little too pastel-y for me.
Check out the pretty little details below (I gotta work on focusing properly when using a mirror):

 I used a self-timer for my photos today, and I'm pretty happy. (Although it puzzles me that the camera only offers 2 timer options: 2 seconds or 12 seconds.) Also feeling like a pro for adding those nifty little labels to the first photo!


  1. That top is cute ;)


  2. Thank you for the kind words, katattack! :D

  3. this pink top is super cute and i love the chiffon details!

    cute & little
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  4. Thank you for stopping by, Kileen! :)


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