Monday, November 21, 2016

fighting the cold

Banana Republic merino wool sweater, thrifted 
vest, Old Navy
Jolt pants, Macy's
J. Crew necklace, eBay

       Well, this is a first on this blog - an attempt at cold-weather dressing. My first time wearing wool - while I think this is the softest wool ever gets, I still found it a bit scratchy, particularly around the neck.  I do like this sweater, though; I found it in the men's section, and the fit is surprisingly nice. It's a decent length in the torso, the V neck is not inappropriate (hard to find when you're petite!) and the longer ribbed cuffs are cozy. I'm going to have start combing through the men's sweater section at the thrift store on a regular basis.  
      I'm still learning how to style these vests - I feel like from the waist up, this might read as more elegant than from the waist down (I wore sneakers, and the pants have cargo details). So not an overall successful outfit, but it was fun to put together.

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