Thursday, September 22, 2016

brain gym

relaxed peplum top and pants, Old Navy
J. Crew necklace, eBay
cardigan, Gap Outlet

     I'm not quite sold on the peplum yet - and according to reddit's femalefashionadvice forum they are "out" - but it's nice to have a plain white top. I have owned a number of white tops, from tees to buttondowns, and they always end up languishing in the closet, unloved and unworn. I know they're supposed to be a classic, but I always end up wearing something else because they seem so ... plain. My hope is that the peplum adds enough interest that I will get some use out of this shirt!    
      I read a book on the growth mindset last year, and am trying to take small steps to incorporate the growth mindset into my classroom. Once a week I post a "Brain Gym" math problem, which is supposed to be a challenge and encourage students to persevere and stretch themselves academically. Wednesday was not a Brain Gym day, but one of my students noted that while the problem wasn't as challenging as a Brain Gym problem, he felt as if his brain had "taken a jog around the neighborhood." Ha! So far I am liking this bunch. 

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