Sunday, July 3, 2016

Shangri La

In early June, I booked a tour to see Shangri La, Doris Duke's home on Oahu. Photography within the home was off limits, but we were allowed to snap photos outside. I was a little perturbed (it must be my elementary teacher side showing) that some folks did not follow the rules about taking photos indoors and stealthily took phone photos. The inside was exquisite and worthy of photography, but ... I rather like how the no-photography rule helped me focus on being in the moment and absorbing the art directly, vs. through my camera lens.
Here are my "rule-abiding" (heh!) photos (taken with both my iPhone 4 and my Olympus camera):

Jali pavilion
Jali means "net," and the intricate screens are carved from a single piece of marble. Read about their origins and restoration here.

Water feature on the Grand Lawn

Wearing my trusty Old Navy black dress with a brightly colored kimono to feel more "arty" ; )

Beautiful, subtle textures and details. 

Take the time to look up. 

Guard camel (dates to Ming Dynasty). Check out the beautiful detail of the door. 

If you are ever on Oahu, I highly recommend taking the tour of Shangri La. Up to this point, the Lyon Arboretum has been my favorite place on Oahu, but I enjoyed Shangri La so much that they are now tied for #1.  I would happily go back again to absorb all of that gorgeous artwork!

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