Friday, May 15, 2015

lei day

"Home" tee, from
Indigo Rein jeans, Macy's
earrings, Haitian Beads
       Large hoop earrings are not my favorite - I always manage to snag my fingers in one when touching my hair and worry about pulling it out of my ear (ouch!) But I liked how the shape echoed the O in the graphic and the color popped against the dark gray and denim. A student brought me a lei for Teacher Appreciation Day last Friday, which  I thought worked well with the graphic tee - not to mention the yellow ribbon matches my earrings!

       May Day (May 1) is known as Lei Day in Hawaii. There's a lei making contest (always wanted to go, have never gotten to yet!) and in most elementary schools and even some middle schools and high schools, May Day programs are a big deal. Most schools schedule their celebrations toward the end of May to accommodate testing schedules. Sadly, I'll be out of state on a quick trip on our May Day, but I'm confident that my students will do a great job - they've been working hard on their hula.
         Happy Aloha Friday!

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