Saturday, May 9, 2015

April budget

Jersey shift dress
   I've always wanted a t-shirt dress, but too-thin, clingy fabric has always deterred me from purchasing. This is made of a thicker knit than I expected, and I went up a size for a body-skimming vs. body-hugging fit.

Mixed-print jersey dress
   Easy-fitting, navy blue, and dotted ... need I say more?
2 dresses at Old Navy, $7.80 ($40 in rewards spent)

Sweet Caroline Boutique "Home" tee, via, $15.98
     I've always eschewed shirts emblazoned with Hawaii, mostly because many of them look quite touristy.  (The word Hawaii is not actually printed on this shirt.) However, I thought this might be fun to style for work. I'll wear it casually with jeans now and in the fall, add a blazer or cardigan. 

Romeo and Juliet Couture kimono top, Ross, $17.79
        I couldn't resist this ... the geometric pattern, the neutral color, and the black banding around the neck and sleeves.

Budget: $50
Total spent: $41.57
Under: $8.43

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  1. Great choices. Can't wait to see them on you.


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