Wednesday, January 28, 2015

belted scarf

Alfani shirtdress, thrifted
Coldwater Creek silk scarf, gift 

       Some days call for sartorial armor. This is my version. I wore it last week for an observation of a math lesson. What made this observation a bit challenging was that it happened outside of my usual math block. If you know kids, you know bumping them out of their routine can lead to some interesting results. For instance, having a student (usually well-behaved) start making funny noises during the lesson (with the observer sitting there and taking notes) and having to say, "Is that really necessary?"

      Besides observations, last week included the usual mad dash to grade papers, record scores, crunch scores, write thoughtful, useful comments, and fill out report cards. I had the kids review and reflect on their report cards yesterday and got a couple of hugs from students who were happy with their comments. One of my professional perks, I suppose! 


  1. Your job is so hard. I'm glad you get fulfillment from it. And you seem to have mastered the art of fashion for your environment. This is very pretty.

  2. Thank you, Ally! This outfit is one of my recent favorites.
    While I enjoy my job, at times I feel that the pressure and responsibilities are only growing. My grade is a testing grade, and it's overwhelming (and a little sad) that my kids will spend so much time preparing for tests or taking tests over the next few months. But that's a whole 'nother post ...
    Suffice to say, the delight of getting to know 25 young people, providing appropriate instruction, and developing a caring relationship with each one, is a challenge that I enjoy.


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