Monday, December 15, 2014

counting down

BeBop chambray dress, Ross
Cable and Gauge cardigan, from Mom
leggings, Macys
necklace, Haitian Beads
belt, Old Navy

        I've been reveling in the cooler weather and happily wearing all of the things in my closet that can't be worn to work most of the year! This dress is shorter than I prefer for work, but with leggings layered underneath it was work-appropriate as well as cozy. I initially had on my gray knit blazer and a scarf, but something looked wrong - so I swapped the scarf for a colorful necklace and the blazer for a cardigan.

     School ends on Friday, so we're entering the jam-packed homestretch. The kids' minds are already on break - at Morning Meeting, the sharing often involves discussion of setting up Christmas trees and anticipating spending time with family. I'll admit that that my mind is on break, too - I'm excited about having time to read, rest, craft and sew, and spend time with family.

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