Friday, October 17, 2014

seeds of change

Cute Options cotton dress, Ross
wood and gem bracelet, local boutique

          While I truly believe that we have great things within us, I've also realized that change is a process. People use the caterpillar transforming into a butterfly as a classic example of change, but it's what happens inside the chrysalis - out of the sight of others - that interests me.
          I'd like to be active at least four times a week, but only got out for a run two times over my break. I'd like to sit for a solid 15 minutes every morning, but usually have an 8-minute session on a workday morning. I'm not settling, or lowering my expectations. I know these are great goals to have that will yield wonderful results. At the same time, however, just maintaining my small good habits is something worth celebrating. A small good habit is like a seed - with proper nurturing, it will slowly unfurl into something vital and strong.
        Is there a small good habit that you'd like to start incorporating into your life?    


  1. You're right. We act on our habits so forming healthy ones is smart. I'm trying to eat more fruit and, like you, be more physically active.

  2. Great habits to form, Ally! I've figured out that I am pretty much a creature of habit when it comes to eating more fruits/veggies - bananas and baby carrots are my go-tos. A banana with breakfast makes me feel fuller longer, and baby carrots are an easy, no-prep choice to add to a home lunch.


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