Wednesday, October 1, 2014

creative hair day

tee, Banana Republic Factory Store
Worthington skirt, JcPenney's

       Whew ... it feels so delightful to wear "real" clothes again. Last week was Bike Ed, which meant I spent 45 minutes outside each day and wore shorts a lot to deal with the heat.
        It's Spirit Week at school! I used spray-on color to put a few bright blue streaks in my hair to celebrate Creative Hair Day on Monday. I liked the blue streak better than I thought, so much so that I wondered for a bit whether I'd want to dye a streak into my hair. Not sure whether I'd get tired of it, however, and with dark hair I know I'd end up doing some heavy, hair-damaging bleaching.

     Fall intersession is only a few days away, which means my thoughts have turned to fun, creative projects that have nothing to do with work. I'm looking forward to doing some reading, baking, and maybe even making a tassel necklace. I also found a lovely little wood-and-glass terrarium at Ross on Sunday that I'd like to set up.
    What's something you're excited about doing in October?


  1. I love the colors in this cute outfit. And adding color to one's hair is always fun.
    I'm doing a lot of visiting this month. Seeing four online friends whom I've never met in person before.

  2. Aya in CouturgatoryOctober 2, 2014 at 10:46 AM

    You're the second gal I've seen look smashing in chartreuse this month. I never thought of it as a flattering color, but you all are proving me wrong. :D

    I've always kinda wanted blue or purple streaks in my hair, too. I hear one can overdye the hair so that it's subtle, rather than bleaching it straight to hell.

  3. Aya - green is a color I used to avoid, but I've been making up for lost time! I think I prefer a darker, almost emerald green, but this shirt matches the skirt's print so well, I can't resist wearing them together.
    I am planning to get my hair cut soon, I will have to ask my stylist about dyeing options - I like the idea of something more subtle.

  4. Thanks, Megan! Given my conservative profession, I think a permanent streak is out of the question for now. However, I read the blog of a woman who is also a teacher, and she does her dyeing during the summer, which I thought was ingenious!

  5. Hope you had/have a great trip, Kat! I'll have to pop over to your blog to look at trip photos!


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