Monday, August 25, 2014


Style & Co. ruched-side tee, Jolt black pants, necklace - Macy's
Gap belt, thrifted

    This is one of those outfits that I liked while wearing it ... then I came home, took a few photos, and realized I'm undecided on side-ruched tees. I think the bunched fabric around the middle can be unflattering from certain angles.

    A few snippets from everyday life with 25 fourth-graders:
  •     The wording "at least" stymies them. I wrote on the board recently that they needed to answer "at least" 3 questions, and was asked by multiple students how many they needed to do.
  •     I was reading to the class from a book and they asked how old it was. I checked the publication date and it was from 2002. This was deemed "pretty old."
  •     A weird-looking bug crawled into our room on Thursday and caused quite a commotion during language arts. I ended up grabbing a broom and swooshing it out the door into the grass outside. (One of my students offered to stomp on it, but in the classroom I am a bug pacifist.)
      A white tee  is always touted as a closet essential, but I've found that for some reason mine go unworn. My colored and patterned tees seem to be the ones I reach for first. I like the idea of them - so simple! - but in reality I think I avoid them because I worry that they're too plain. However, with this outfit I think the necklace and belt made this outfit look a little more pulled together.


    1. simple looks are sometime the best! i love that matching color scheme of the necklace and belt!

    2. Thanks, Mark! I like this belt, but don't wear it much, so it was great to get some use out of it.

    3. Thanks, Joanne! It's always challenging to find a work outfit that is cool, professional, and practical. Can't wait 'til it cools down a bit!


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