Tuesday, June 10, 2014


Evan Picone dress, Overstock.com (old)
cobalt cardigan, Gap Outlet
opal studs, gift from EKM

    This is an ooooold outfit ... from Spring Break in March, to be exact.  Why so dressed up on my vacation? I had a job interview. There were exactly 2.5 school librarian jobs posted this year (on this island), and I decided to apply for them all.
    It was an interesting experience. At my first interview, for a half-time position, I was equipped with a pencil, paper, a good half-hour to sit in the school's media center, and the directions that I was to sketch out my plans for the place. I am not a pro at organizing spaces - in fact, in my first classroom a colleague with this skill was generous enough to help me rearrange using the layout she had carefully determined for her room. I ended up thinking back on libraries I had seen and features I had liked about them, and incorporating them into my own design.
     While I'm still a bit disappointed that I was not offered any of those jobs, I realize that competition is stiff - it includes fellow recent graduates as well as experienced folks looking to move. It was heartening to hear that school administrators are starting to realize the value of librarians and an innovative library program.
        I went through my library studies fiercely hoping to never return to the classroom - not because I disliked being a teacher, but because I was so ready to become a librarian. In August, I will start my second year back in the classroom. For some reason, it's not my time to leave the classroom yet. By chance, I landed at my current school, which I like. I still dream about having my own library someday (soon), but for the time being I'm thankful to be fully employed again and to have an all-around good bunch of colleagues and students.

       A friend gifted me two pairs of opal earrings from her own collection a while back. I believe she picked them up on her travels, and they are gorgeous. I never really liked opals before, but after wearing them I've come to appreciate their subtle, almost eerie beauty. This photo doesn't do them justice - the stones come to life with peek-a-boo streaks of bright green and pink in the light. 
* P.S.: This dress was featured in my closet orphans post about a year ago!
*P.P.S.: What is something you are (patiently or impatiently) trying to bring to fruition in your life? It can be big or small ... I'd love to hear in the comments!   


  1. sorry you didn't get the job you sought but you definitely looked fabulous as you went seeking it!

  2. what an interesting interview!!! when i think back, i remember our libraries having the same librarians for years and years...so i can imagine how difficult it might be to get a position. basically, you're waiting for someone to retire! hope you find something...are you looking at public or in schools as well? pretty dress!

  3. Yes, librarians tend to love their jobs and stay for a long time. Also, sometimes budget constraints lead to schools cutting their librarian position, which is unfortunate. I am open to working for a private school, but I have to admit that my heart is with the public schools. Also, I'm tenured, so I'd give up my place in the system/benefits if I left.

  4. Thanks, Mark! I've posted an interview outfit or two before - sometimes I go with neutrals because they feel "safer," but I think bright colors make me feel more like myself (always a good thing in a high-stress situation!)


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