Friday, April 25, 2014

purple and gray

cowlneck top, Saks Off Fifth
maxi skirt, Macy's
Fossil necklace, Nordstrom Rack
bubble necklace, InPink
earrings, etsy

     I bought this maxi skirt thinking it would become a closet essential, but sadly it hasn't been worn as much as I'd like. I do like the proportions of the top with this skirt, though. Being short-waisted, I find that many shirts are awkwardly long and I end up knotting them so they hit a more flattering spot.

    23 school days left! I'd like to say I'm excited, but I'm in reality filled with more trepidation than giddiness. There is a dizzying amount of data collection and analysis to complete, our last round of state math testing, and a May Day performance to practice, perfect, and coordinate.
    May Day is a special Hawaii tradition. It's a unique part of the childhood of just about anyone who grew up in Hawaii. In elementary schools, May Day is an enormous event that includes performances by each grade level and sometimes even the presentation of a May Day Court, with a couple representing each of the Hawaiian Islands. While I was growing up, performances were of Hawaiian dance or music. So I was surprised that my school does not do the same - we're actually planning to have the students perform a "Grease" medley. I'll admit, though, that I'm looking forward to dressing in an outfit that evokes the movie! With that in mind, I gave in and picked up this dress at Ross (mine is black with white polka dots). I've seen it there from time to time, but would talk myself out of buying because the tulle poufs at the bottom of the skirt lining seemed impractical. But I thought the retro/vintage vibe would make it perfect as a May Day outfit. I'm even thinking about curling my hair, which is HUGE, because if you know me, I do my hair maybe twice a year ...


  1. I've never heard of May Day. I like the idea. And if you curl your hair, take pictures!

  2. I definitely will take photos! :) Just trying to figure out the best technique and what tools are needed.

  3. Aya in CouturgatoryApril 29, 2014 at 5:38 AM

    From my experience, step 1 to curling Asian hair is set curling iron to 'fry' step 2 is to spend half an hour at it, then swear a lot when the curls on the side of the head you started on fall out before you get the other side finished. >.>

  4. Aya - That would make a hilarious tutorial. ;) My cousin's hair is like that, but she has really fine straight hair and mine has a bit of wave to it and is thicker. She even had it professionally permed once and the salon had to refund her money because the curls fell out that day!
    I did have my hair curled for my wedding, and it seemed to hold pretty well for both the trial and the real thing. Granted, it was thoroughly hair-sprayed and done by a professional! So I'm hoping that with a little practice, I can get a few curls! I'm not going for a perfect coif, just a few bouncy waves for fun.


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