Tuesday, March 11, 2014

neon green animal print and a belt triumph

BeBop dress and Julie's Closet cardigan, Ross
belt, from dress

      SPRING BREAK IS COMING. SPRING BREAK IS COMING. SPRING BREAK IS COMING. (Insert excited squeal here - and if you met me in person, you'd realize I'm not even the squealy type). Yeah, don't tell my students, but I think I'm much more excited than they are about the prospect of one glorious week away from school! Well, I'm equal parts excited and equal parts tired.  Based on experience, the exhaustion will hit about noon Saturday and I'll spend a good part of the day napping.
     I didn't realize it at the time, but this outfit is an inadvertent walking advertisement for Ross. It may also be a fashion don't - when you're 36, is it a bad idea to wear two items from the juniors department together? Admittedly, this dress is a bit on the short side for work -- I feel more comfortable when my hemline is closer to my knee vs. mid-thigh -- but I put my trusty bike shorts underneath.
     I've always liked this cardigan but been unsure how to style it, and this is my favorite way to wear it so far. I've struggled with figuring out how to wear a belt over a cardigan without looking stumpy and thick-waisted, but on a whim I tried it while taking pictures and I rather like the look.

    How would you style this cardigan? I'd love to wear it more often!


  1. I think it looks fine paired with the denim and think that dress looks great on you!

    For addtl ideas, maybe you could pair the cardi with jeans or black pants/skirt and wear a white and black striped shirt on top (play on the black from the cardi). Or something with black polka dots?

  2. I think you can totally get away with wearing juniors clothes, since you're so teeny-tiny. I completely mis-read your question on how to style your cardi. At first I thought you were asking for different ways to wear it, like belting it, and I was thinking "damn, I never do anything with cardigans but wear them open!"

    Then I read respect_the_shoes' comment and realized what you meant! I think all black or black/white would be an easy background of pieces that would let the cardigan shine. Black pants/skirt, plus a black or white shell are pieces that almost everyone has in their wardrobe, plus that works out to four looks with those colors. Then you could start throwing in colors that work, like denim blue. But you have a great eye for color, I think, so you should just wear it with looks good to you!

  3. It does look great with denim as it really stands as a contrast. Maybe you can pair it with black or another darker color or possibly white?


  4. I love this look. It doesn't matter what department the clothes came from, so long as they fit YOU right and look appropriate. I love the cardi, especially belted.


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