Monday, January 13, 2014

classic dots and bumpy starts

dress, Target
fun Christmas earrings, Claire's

   This outfit has been sitting on my camera card for weeks, as evidenced by the silver Christmas ornament earrings. I actually bought this dress before the school year started, but it's gone unworn until recently due to the hot weather. I appreciate that the modest neckline and length make it work-appropriate, while the ruching adds some interest and figure flattery.

     2014 has been off to an *interesting* start. I went to the dentist a week ago and while my overall dental health is good, he's recommending I get Invisalign to prevent increased wear to my teeth due to shifting. I have to say, I feel let down by my teeth. They've been cavity-free and straight for as long as I can remember, and now they decide to start moving around? While insurance will cover about 20% of the cost, it will still be about $4,000 out of pocket.Yikes.  Having returned in August to full-time work after 2 years of unpaid leave, I'm trying to focus on paying down debts and don't want to take on further debt for this. Guess I'll have to start saving my pennies ...
     Last week was my first week back with my students after winter break, and I had to call in sick two days due to laryngitis. I'm also out today, but my doctor has kindly squeezed me in for a quick visit.
    All grumbling aside, I'm thankful for many things, such as entertaining books (I blasted through "Shadow of a Bull" and "Running with Scissors" on my sick days), my ever-helpful colleagues, and hand-written notes in the mail. The latter amused the husband to no end -- he doesn't quite understand that an e-mail does not possess the same charm as a personal note.
   What are you thankful for today? 


  1. Love the earrings. A dentist recommended Invisalign to me, too, but I turned it down. Too much money for too little benefit. Hope your year is wonderful.

  2. Love this simple dress
    Just so classic


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