Monday, December 2, 2013

green and leopard and a Thanksgiving recap

                                                                                    dress, Old Navy
                                                                                     belt, thrifted
                                                                              earrings, gift from M

     I usually wear this dress with blue or green accessories, so it was fun to mix it up with leopard print. In truth, I wouldn't have thought up this pairing on my own, but I hadn't put the leopard-print belt away and it caught my eye while I was planning my outfit. Disorganizia has (one or two measly) benefits, it appears ...

     These earrings are exquisite -- I received them last year, but this was their first outing. Not sure why I waited so long to wear them!

    After a trip through the wash, the dress was reprised as Thanksgiving lunch wear, with my thrifted Countess Mara tie as a belt (soft, stylish and stretchy belts FTW). ;)

       It was a quiet weekend with lots of time to sleep in and nap. I graded some papers, snacked on loaded baked potato dip left over from Thanksgiving lunch, enjoyed the company of various family members, and finished Walls' "The Glass Castle." I thoroughly enjoyed my Saturday morning meditation class, as I was much more rested than usual and didn't have to battle exhaustion while trying to keep my focus.
     I stayed away from the mall, although I did some damage online. I scored a great BOGO deal on my organic sunscreen from Mychelle and also picked up some Christmas gifts (and a few pretty things for me) from  The Haitian Bead Project.
     I also popped into my favorite Goodwill on Saturday and found some lovely tops -- all women's clothing was 50% off! One of the silk shirts has a few small stains and a dingy collar, but I'm thinking it might be a good candidate for experimenting with stain removal using vinegar and hydrogen pyroxide. If all else fails, I've got plans to chop it up and make myself a tee like this one, or even small zip pouches. I usually try to steer clear of things in not-so-great condition at the thrift store, but I couldn't pass up the whimsical umbrella print. ...
    If you celebrated Thanksgiving, or even if you didn't, what were some highlights of your weekend? 

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  1. I love how you paired it with the leopard belt! I actually wore my leopard flats with my green skinnies this weekend, so I feel like we were twins! :)


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