Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Try-it-out Tuesday: slightly Goth

Zara silk buttondown, thrifted
Style and Co. petite dress, Macy's
necklace (shortened with a bracelet), Forever 21

         This outfit has a bit of a Goth feel to it - I think it's because of the sheen of the silk and the puffed sleeve. I like the simplicity of black and white but I'm not sure this is 100% my style. Still, it was a fun outfit to wear to take my friend out for drinks and dinner. Somehow I end up being the friend who drives ... and gets to drink an ounce of wine as a result. I usually don't mind, since I'm much more interested in the food! 
         I found this buttondown at Goodwill and decided to take it home, despite it being an XL. It's obviously too big worn as is, but can be knotted, or layered under something.

          Whenever I look at my photos lately, all I notice is my massively overgrown haircut. I enjoy having long hair, but in reality I keep it in a messy bun all day to keep it off my neck. I need a haircut soon because it's getting so heavy that it's uncomfortable. The crazy curls and waves in the first photo are what happens when I first take my hair out of the bun. And then it gets scraped into a ponytail for going out ... I know, it doesn't make any sense.


  1. I love this dress (separately) and I love the gothic look on you! Also, since I'm prone to reading too quickly, at first I thought that you said you shortened the DRESS with a bracelet, not the necklace. I was both impressed and baffled.

  2. Thanks, Erin! it's fun to dabble in a different look, and it was interesting to play with a limited color palette and use the necklace and shirt to add some interest.
    Huh, shortening a dress with a bracelet would be impressive and definitely tutorial-worthy! :)

  3. I forgot to mention that your hair is gorgeous. :D

    I like this look on you very much. It's professional and striking with cool subtle details. It doesn't look sulky goth at all, if that helps.

  4. Nice distinction, Aya! I don't think sulky goth would suit me at all. :)

    I like my hair this way, too - but I need to find the motivation/method to do something to keep it looking that way. Hairspray, maybe?

  5. Ooh, maybe something like this tutorial? I've been meaning to try it by adding a little product when my hair is still a bit damp and I tie it in a bun for the day:


  6. Ooh, that actually looks doable. I'll have to give it a try. :)


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