Tuesday, June 18, 2013

everyday glam

Banana Republic thrifted dress, $6.99
watch, gifted
bracelets, gifted and InPink
Ralph Lauren sunglasses, Macy's

      I've gotten better at predicting what my husband likes and doesn't like, in terms of clothing, but I was dumbfounded that he pronounced this dress old-ladyish. Uh, OK. But I love it, so much so that I wore it for Father's Day lunch on Saturday and to check out my new school yesterday.
     When I got contacts, I got excited about the prospect of buying nonprescription sunglasses. My husband gave me a Macy's gift card for graduation to get sunglasses. I wasn't planning to spend quite so much on a pair of sunnies, but I loved the oversized shape of these. I feel just a little like a movie star when I put them on. Not to mention, they make driving so much easier - no more squinting! I'll be making a pretty long commute (by island standards) once the school year begins, so I figure anything that makes my daily drive a little better is worth the price. And who doesn't enjoy feeling like a movie star everyday? 

          I'm not too familiar with the area I'll be working in, so a (lucky) wrong turn on the way home landed me in Target's parking lot.  I had a $10 gift card to spend, so I decided to browse the women's section.  I ended up purchasing a polka-dotted skirt for $14 and this polka-dotted dress for $17.  The dress passed the BOT with flying colors. 
         The BOT (Bend-Over Test) involves me bending over while facing towards and away from the mirror to see what's visible from the front and back. I put all my work clothes through this test because the last thing I want to worry about in the classroom is whether I'm flashing anyone! The dress is also surprisingly flattering - it fits closely without being too clingy, and the waist detail is beautiful.  I also tried on this skirt - I really liked the fun color and lace, but I felt like the lining was trying to crawl up my legs, so it was a definite pass.
         I don't usually buy two things with the same pattern in one shopping trip, but my school visit revealed that I will have a non-A/C classroom, so skirts and dresses will be my go-to clothing for most of the school year.   


  1. Your husband is lame. This dress rocks! The pattern is very vintage wallpapery (which I love), so maybe that's what he means.

  2. I love that polka dotted skirt!! Reminds me of something you would find at J crew except way less expensive.

  3. Thanks, Tiffany! I've been trying to add some patterned skirts to my wardrobe and I think this is a good choice. I photographed it and added it to my Go Chic or Go Home account to see how well it pairs with other items I own and it looks like it will be versatile!

  4. Erin - he has a pretty good eye for color and pattern, usually, but he just doesn't "get" some things, fashion-wise. :) Yes, I love the vintage wallpaper print too! :)


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