Thursday, May 9, 2013

skipping the French fries and hitting the books

INC Beach linen shorts, Macy's
top and long necklace, Forever 21
Fossil key necklace, Nordstrom Rack clearance

       A recent weekend involved a visit to a Chinese buffet to celebrate a family member's birthday. The buffet included a lot of fried things, including oddly, French fries and deep-fried maki sushi. The fry-lovers in the family actually tried the fries and reported that McDonald's doesn't have to worry about the competition. ;)  For such outings, elastic-waist shorts and a flowy top are in order. My only regret about that day is that I didn't notice they had a soft-serve machine until the very end, when I was too full to enjoy it!

       One of the best parts of the semester being over is time to read. And read. And read. I blasted through Rae Carson's "The Crown of Embers," and will be diving into either the classic "The Stranger" by Camus,  "Chime" by Billingsley or "Unwind" by Shusterman next. :) Also need to tackle my pile of alterations and some neglected crafts projects, but for  this week at least I'm reveling in lots of reading time.


  1. I LOVE The Stranger! We read it in twelfth grade and had to do an oral exam on it. It was TERRIFYING. *lol* But I remember so much from that work to this day. ;)

  2. Wow, an oral exam on "The Stranger" sounds intimidating! One of my summer reading goals is to read some of the classics I didn't get to read in school. :)


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