Friday, March 15, 2013

black and brown

Blue Plate dress, Ross
chambray top, passed down from mom
belt, ?
Dansko sandals,
bracelets, gifted and DIY
Fossil key necklace, Nordstrom Rack clearance

     I've never felt comfortable mixing black and brown, but I think this is a good first attempt. I'm trying to wear these sandals more, so going with the brown belt made the shoe choice appear less random.

    With great surprise, I've realized my exam is in a week. Yikes!  I'm daydreaming already about walking out of there in triumph late Friday morning, and about how great it will feel to successfully wrap up almost 4 years of rigorous study. But to make that daydream come true, a little more study is required ... which totally explains why I already made plans to go out on Saturday night. Throw in the fact that I'm planning to go out and enjoy some high-calorie appetizers during a week when I'm avoiding all physical activity thanks to the sprained ankle and the whole thing makes perfect sense, right?  Good thing I'm not someone who obsesses over calories ... I do strive to eat a balanced diet, but there always is some wiggle room for something decadent. :)
     I hope your weekend includes a little decadence!

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