Monday, March 25, 2013

2 blues and a green

dress, Old Navy
cardigan, Gap Outlet
sash, from dress

     One recent morning the guy and I headed off to the Department of Health to get our marriage license, and this is what I wore.

    I'm kicking off my Spring Break by getting my eyebrows done and going for a contact-lens fitting. I used to wear contacts in college, but I found that they dried out my eyes so much that I'd end up with massive headaches (by that, I mean no-appetite-just-want-to-sleep kinds of headaches). I'm hoping they've made some improvements in contact-lens technology over the last decade!
    Other things on the agenda: start wiring the brooches for the bouquet because I want to make an inexpensive test bouquet ASAP (fingers crossed that the wiring goes smoothly and doesn't take forever); figure out my final project idea for my online class; do a little reading for fun; and sew the sash for my bouquet (hoping the fabric arrives tomorrow!). One more thing I'd like to do is bake something scrumptious ... what better way to celebrate my last week of singledom, right? ; )


  1. I love blues and green together and that sash does a fabulous job of pulling everything together That's so cool that you're making your own bouquets you'll maybe have to show us how they look when you finish them. (I made the bouquets for our weddings as well, it's shocking how expensive flowers are! It was just yikes, over a thousand dollars for flowers? I just went to the grocery store, bought a couple different bouquets of flowers and made my own, it was actually a lot of fun.)
    How exciting that it's coming up so fast, only a week away! that was some smart timing on your part, having spring break right before it.
    (And congradulations in advance as well!)

  2. The blues and green look great on you!! :) Celebrate ! Can't wait to see your brooch bouquet :)

  3. Thanks, Kat! This blue cardigan is quickly becoming a favorite - it seems to match so many things in my closet!

  4. Thanks, Katie! Your comments always make me smile. The sash came from a dress with the same print, which ended up being donated because I never wore it ... but the sash was definitely a keeper. :)
    I ended up using artificial flowers for the bouquet, and I don't regret it. I love fresh flowers, but putting the bouquet together the day before was too hectic - and my sister was only here for a few days so I decided to spend time with her vs. the flowers!
    I actually didn't realize that we had scheduled the wedding for the week of spring break, but it all worked out beautifully. Although I wish I could get another week off so I could do all that non-wedding stuff I wanted to do, like read books ...


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