Thursday, February 21, 2013

take one, pass it on challenge: day 5

Velvet Heart tunic and skinnies, Ross
necklace, eBay

         I normally think of myself as someone with a decent amount of self-discipline. But it turns out that there are some things that just don't work for me. Such as mandating that I spend a set amount of time a day preparing for my oral comprehensive exam.
        I'm using the Pomodoro method of time management and I figured that five 25-minute stints, or about 2 hours of study a day, would be good. 
          First day: Accomplish the goal and proudly mark 5 xs in my calendar.
          Second day: 4 xs. Feel guilty about not getting 5 done, but just don't want to.
          Third day: Make up for second day but only get 3 xs marked for the day. Rather grumpy because motivation is down and stress and pressure is up.
           So, today is the fourth day and I'm not sure whether I should power through with this until I get used to it, or decide it's not working for me and go back to my usual (less organized) ways.

   And since Katie was wondering wht the necklace looked like up close: 
     Just realized that I messed up my TOPIO challenge since I wore this necklace on day 3, but didn't carry over anything from day 4 .... oops! 

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