Monday, February 11, 2013

happy Monday, vol. 43

3 things that are making me happy lately ...

1. Baking chocolate chip-brownie double deckers on Thursday at a friend's request. One of my favorite parts of baking is getting to sample the batter! Of course, while I was sampling away, I remembered reading on the Internet recently that it's the raw flour in batter, not the eggs, that puts people at risk of contracting salmonella ...

2.Visiting the aquarium for the first time in years.
3. Receiving in the Saturday mail a sweet little package from Linda of  little tin soldier! It all started with me commenting on something polka-dotted she was wearing. I mentioned that I was adding polka dots to my thrift list. Linda was so sweet and offered to thrift me something! It's a gorgeous top and I'm excited about featuring it on the blog soon. :)

What's making you happy today? Please share. :)


  1. That's very interesting about the flour in batter...

  2. Ashley - I always sample the batter, so that was really interesting (and frightening) to read. The article also said that for no-bake recipes that call for flour, you should put the flour on a baking sheet and bake it in the oven to kill off any salmonella.


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